image of heart bottle

heart / 2009

photo of girl in a bottle

defunct / 2009

dark photo of comb

H.S. comb / 2009

oonagh purse

oonagh purse

image of sandblasted syringe

select / 2009

image of heart bottlephoto of girl in a bottledark photo of comboonagh purseimage of sandblasted syringe

“The photo etchings were also used for several out-door projections and for lighting the objects that are the subject of the five large photographs that occupy the central space of the gallery. The rather small objects – a purse, a syringe, a heart-shaped vessel, a bottle and a comb – which all have an intimate connection to O’Dwyer’s past, are given an almost monumental presence through the magnified scale of the photographs. Staged, named by sand-blasted words and hallowed the light of the past they seem to belong the objects are drawn from their insularity to be given a perspective.” M. Cutaya 2009

strange… /if the world was/ endless return / props and wardrobe/projections
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