props and wardrobe

ink drawing cardigan jumper skirt

cardigan jumper skirt / ink 2009

ink drawing of old tv

bush tv / ink 2009

drawing of crystal bowl

cavan crystal / ink 2009

drawing of old camera

dad's kodak / ink 2009

ink drawing

grundig 147 / ink 2009

drawing of hairstyle

hairstyle / ink 2009

drawing of coat

iseults green coat / ink 2009

ink drawing of kettle

kettle / ink pencil 2009

drawing of singing microphone

mike / ink 2009

ink pencil drawing of purse

purse / ink pencil 2009

drawing of tweed skirt and blouse

tweed skirt blouse / ink 2009

ink drawing of dress

venice dress / ink 2009

drawing of suitcase with writing

yellow case / ink pencil text 2009

ink drawing cardigan jumper skirtink drawing of old tvdrawing of crystal bowldrawing of old cameraink drawingdrawing of hairstyledrawing of coatink drawing of kettledrawing of singing microphoneink pencil drawing of pursedrawing of tweed skirt and blouseink drawing of dressdrawing of suitcase with writing

props and wardrobe

this suite of thirteen ink drawings could be thought of as a kind of conceptual storyboard


strange… /if the world was/endless return / photoworks/projections
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