the future is domestic!

The Future is Domestic! is a European Presidency Local Art Scheme, presented by Clare County Council and hosted by Outrider Artists from the 12th to the 19th May, 2013.

This workshop-led exploration of the theme “The Future is Domestic!” will include artists from MoKs, Centre for Art and Social Practice, Estonia, with SERDE, a centre for art, folklore and heritage in Lativia, and Outrider artists and friends in a rural domestic community in Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co.Clare.

Outrider Artists is an informal association of artists based in rural North Clare, varying in numbers and participation in response to each project. They have a history of merging domestic and public spaces, through hosting artists in their homes, creating pop up galleries, sharing facilities and knowledge and exhibiting/performing in unusual spaces here and abroad. Outrider Artists with artists from MoKS, Estonia, and SERDE, Latvia will partake in shared workshops and public presentations, using both formats to explore the theme of this gathering and acquire new artistic skills through the process of making.

The Future is Domestic! has a strong European dimension featuring international artists who have a very considered art practice/social engagement and bring aspects of their cultures very clearly defined with them. This process is ambitiously reaching out to use the trans-local seeds of creativity to generate new models of collaboration and art practice in rural settings.

By setting up innovative conditions for creative experiment, taking risks and peer to peer learning through workshops and a residential shared week together, we are opening the knowledge base in this inventive gathering for new artistic methodologies to emerge. Focusing on dialogue through the materiality of making, while exploring the theme topic “The Future is Domestic!”, unusual models of art praxis may arise to support novel ways of sustaining art in rural areas.

Curators – Maria Kerin and Fiona O’Dwyer